Saturday, November 19, 2011

No Big News

Just last week, I received an email saying that AFS doesn't begin looking at fall 2012 applications until late January, so I have about two more months of waiting. yay! Last weekend, I submitted both of my Speedwell Scholarship essays even though the deadline isn't until March 1st. They each had to be one page in length and double spaced. I feel pretty confident in them, too! On the AFS website, it says that they begin to decide scholarship winners on a rolling basis beginning in March. So now I just have to wait until March to hear back about my scholarship!

Also, I finally organized an in-home interview time with some local volunteers. I have my in-home interview, this Tuesday, November 22nd at 7pm. I am being interviewed by two volunteers instead of one, which makes me a little more nervous!

Besides those updates, there is no more big news! I'm still here waiting!
But here is some good news! Thanksgiving is this week, yum! Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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