Friday, July 06, 2012

Two Months

In exactly two months from now, I will be on a plane headed for Europe. In just sixty days, I will be leaving behind everything I've grown familiar to. It still hasn't quite hit me yet that I will be moving away for a year, and it probably won't until I arrive in Valladolid. I have just sixty days to spend with my friends and family- those who mean the most. So far, my summer has been filled with lasting memories!

Tonight is my last night of my week long family vacation in Portland, Maine. It has been so great spending time with all eighteen of my family members; it will be one of the last times I see them all. Spending just a week away from Lancaster, makes me realize how much I will miss this place I call home.
                                                                   Portland, Maine
                                                         My favorite cousin, Cassie!

Tomorrow, I have to endure the long ten hour car ride home from Maine; then on Sunday, I have a long, full day at work. On Monday night, our exchange student arrives! My family decided to host a Spanish girl named Silvia for three weeks from July 9th-27th. I have been in close contact with Silvia and she is just as excited as I am! It will be a great opportunity for both her and my family, and I know it will be an overall positive experience.

I still have a couple major things to complete before I depart for Spain. I scheduled my consulate appointment in New York for July 24th, at 10:15am, which is on Silvia's birthday! (Happy Birthday Silvia!) As all other AFSers know, the visa process is very complex and many documents are required. I am crossing my fingers that I will have everything necessary to receive my student visa! Along with receiving my visa, I also need to complete my senior project, which shouldn't be too difficult.
This coming Saturday, July14th, all the Susquehanna Valley AFSers are invited to a team building/canopy zip lining tour, and then a cookout afterwards! I am more than excited to see all of my exchange friends again, because the next and last time I will see them is at the Speedwell Scholarship Luncheon on August 4th. Meeting up with other exchange students is always guaranteed fun! 

Also, thanks to Amy (, there is a map of all the 2012-2013 host family placements. So, if you are curious where all of the AFS Spain students are placed, here you go!

View AFS Spain Placements in a larger map

Here I come Spain- just sixty days!


  1. Are you doing a gateway orientation in NYC on September 5th? :) That's when I'll be there, about to leave for Indonesa!

  2. yes, I have to be in New York on September 5th as well! Indonesia sounds incredible! do you have your placement yet?