Wednesday, March 07, 2012

bits and pieces

While some people have heard of his name, many still have not. His name is Joseph Kony. He is one of the few who inflicts injustice and violence upon the world. The goal isn't to make him famous, but instead spread awareness of what is occurring. No matter where you are, take some time to watch this touching video. Remember- awareness raises knowledge, causing action.

On a side note, multiple AFS volunteers informed me that all Speedwell recipients will know their status on/after March 19th. There are thirty full scholarships available to seventeen counties in the Susquehanna Valley Area Team. Luckily, Lancaster and Lebanon counties are given priority and it's first come, first served. I was also informed that I was the first to submit my Speedwell application, so hopefully it's only good news from here! I would be more than grateful for a full scholarship covering $13,500.

I have crossed all the major hurdles, and the Speedwell Scholarship is the last one! Well, besides getting a visa and my host family!

Some non exchange related news: I got a new job and I have orientation tomorrow! Then I have SATs on Saturday. I'm totally going to wing it too, so I'm somewhat nervous. On Saint Patrick's Day, March 17th, I go for my license! I'm pretty confident that I'll do well...hopefully. Life has been getting busier and busier, especially with school and my college class. It will all be worth it in the end, though. I mean, spending a year in Spain is priceless.



  1. i´m thrilled to hear you´re going to spain! hopefully things will work out for you and you´ll get a nice host fam. enjoy your time in the states before you go, you´ll miss it ;)

  2. thank you mary beth! i'm really excited :) i just want to leave now!

  3. hahaha! yeah i was reading through my journals the other day(aka all the things i couldnt post on my blog^^) and i couldn´t wait either... except i dunno, you get there and there´s a lot of things that aren´t so great you don´t hear about from afs..and then it´s like shoot..i spent all that time being excited when i should have just enjoyed my time home while i had it xD hehe..oh, you should check out a blog of someone i know, Erin..she´s going to spain with guys will meet for sure in NYC in september..she lives in my state and i´ve been talking to her..she already got her host fam in barca..even if you guys dont live close it´s always cool to chat.. someone to visit while living in the foreign land ;)

  4. that's true! i'm going to miss the states so much too. but that's all part of exchange! and thank you! i'll definitely check out her blog!