Monday, March 05, 2012

AFS-Spain, accepted!

As of today, I can finally "officially" say that i'm spending my senior year in Spain! Like every other day, my third period- Spanish four- is nothing out of the ordinary. After our daily lesson, my teacher dedicates the last ten or so minutes of class to watching Family Feud, the game show. Before watching the game show, I decided to check my phone (which I surprisingly rarely do). My phone lit up with an email notification, and I had a gut feeling that it would only bring good news. After waiting a minute for my phone to load, I saw it was an email from AFS-USA, with the title "AFS: You have been accepted by Spain!" I didn't even bother opening up the rest of the email, because I knew exactly what it meant. Everything was now official. As soon as I learned of this great news, I ran over to my best friend across the room and we both started screaming and freaking out, while everyone stared at us. It then hit me that this used to be a far off, distant dream and now it's an all too true reality. I started to cry, right there in front of my entire class. When I told my Spanish teacher of my acceptance, she gave me a hug and then let me go to the bathroom to call my mom (which just ended up with more frantic freaking out). I would say today is shaping up to be a pretty awesome day!

In case you were wondering, the email I got was this:

"Hi Paige,

Congratulations! AFS-Spain has just accepted your application!
Next, AFS-Spain will match you with a host family*.  This is a complex process and may take some time.  It is common for host family information to be provided during the month prior to your departure.  Once we have confirmed the details of your host family placement, they will be available on your AFS Account- check there for updates!"
There was a little more to the email, but it was just information on medical coverage, immunizations, and visa work.

So, it's 100% official. I will be leaving for Spain in less than six months. Now, I just have to wait (and wait and wait even longer) for my host family and placement information! That's all the updates I have for now! I'm so happy!


  1. thank you! :) i'm really happy! you get where i'm coming from!